DD70 Series

The Patay DD70 double diaphragm transfer pump, has been designed for long term reliable use. It is one of our larger capacity pumps, featuring cast Aluminium components, a stainless steel handle and a D.T.I. Certified version specifically designed for fire-fighting duties. The pump has an excellent flow design rating of 70 Lpm and will pass solids up to 19mm.

Usually, the pump is mounted on a wall, floor, bulkhead, but by using an optional accessory A2004 – a cast aluminium baseplate, the pump becomes fully portable, needing no further securing to allow convenient, efficient operation.

The pump is made of Aluminium and can be supplied in 3 distinct versions:

DD70-A – This model is epoxy powder coated, has stainless steel fittings and the diaphragm covers are quickly and easily released thanks to the hand wheels.

DD70-B – This model is identical to the ‘A’ version, except that it is not powder- coated.

DD70-C – This model is uncoated, has BZP fittings and locking BZP nuts instead of handwheel access to the pump chamber.