Patay SD60 Manual Chemical Pump – A2052E

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The Patay SD60 Manual Chemical Pump A2052E – With EDPM diaphragm and valves.  Stainless Steel fixings and Hastelloy internal screw.

Full Description

The SD60 Chemical pump is a variation of the SD60 Skipper, designed with safety in mind, it has the addition of a PVC Deflector encompassing the pump allowing it to withstand the harshest of environments.

It has been designed for compatibility with a wide range of aggressive substances, the variations of this pump can accommodate over 500 chemicals. The body is made from Polypropylene which has a broad chemical resistance for use in a wide variety of chemical applications. It is rated excellent (A) for use with acid and caustic solutions. 

The Patay SD60 Chemical Pump body and ports can be positioned 96 different ways for maximum flexibility of installation.

The pump can be wall or base mounted as the ports can be rotated through 90 degrees.

Capacity: 66ltrs per min.  Head: 4.5m.  Lift: 6m. Weight: 1kgs. Dimensions: 170mm H x 150mm L x 170mm W.  1″ BSP connections.

EDPM Diaphragm and Valves – Are rated (B) Good for use with Acid solutions, (A) Excellent for Caustic solutions, (B) Good for use with Solvents such as Ketones and Acetates.  Its through life flexibility is rated as (B) Good.  Please refer to the Chemical Compatibility Chart for detailed information.

Stainless Steel fixings: The element Chromium gives Stainless Steel excellent resistance to corrosion, sterilizing solutions and man-made chemicals. It is recommended for outside/external applications, however, it can discolour over time.

Hastelloy Internal Screw:  Hastelloy is a solid-solution-strengthened nickel-chromium-iron-molybdenum alloy that has good oxidation resistance, high temperature strength and excellent stress corrosion resistance.

Additional information

Dimensions 17 × 15 × 17 cm
Diaphragm Type


Max Flow (ltrs/min)

Max Head (M)

Max Lift (M)

Port/Connector Size

1" (25mm)

Pump Internal Access

Nut and Bolt

Pump Action

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