DD120 Series

The flagship product of the globally renowned Patay Pump range. This workhorse has an excellent capacity of 135 ltrs/min and has found a home in industries and occupations as diverse as the Ministry of Defence, construction, shipping, agriculture, fire departments and petrol forecourts.

The DD120 is made from aluminum and is available in three distinct versions:

DD120-A – This model is epoxy powder coated, has stainless steel fittings and the diaphragm covers are quickly and easily released thanks to the hand wheels.

DD120-B – This model is identical to the ‘A’ version, except that it is not powder- coated.

DD120-C – This model is uncoated, has BZP fittings and locking BZP nuts instead of handwheel access to the pump chamber.

Designed to be base-mounted, the addition of a baseplate makes this pump fully portable. Given it’s high capacity and lightweight easy to handle proportions, this pump is suitable for a variety of applications.