Patay Pumps

High Quality

High Performance

Built to last, in Cornwall, UK

Pump International Ltd is the UK manufacturer of the globally renowned Patay Range of manual pumps.

Made in aluminium, polypropylene, P.T.F.E and Passivated Steel, with a complete range of diaphragm material, our pumps can accommodate a huge range of fluids.

We supply industries as diverse as marine, military, portable toilet, petrol station forecourts, horticulture, agriculture, playgrounds, in fact, wherever fluid needs to be manually transferred.


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Happy Easter

Get out and about this Easter and show us what you are doing with your Patay Pump.

On the boat, in the garden,  on the camp site?  Whatever, we would love to know. 



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Offer Ends 1st June 2021.

Chemical Pumps

Pumps designed and built to withstand the harshest of substances


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