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Bowser Fuel Oil Water Hand Pump A2029 - in stock

Bowser Fuel Oil Water Hand Pump A2029 - in stock

Part No:A2029

  • Bowser Fuel Oil Water Hand Pump A2029 - in stock

These excellent transfer pumps are ideal for applications where space is an issue. Their neat, compact design, combined with a removable handle ensures they can be easily mounted in the most awkward of areas. It is these characteristics that have made the SD45 the pump of choice for leading bowser manufacturers. Suitable for Fuel, Oil and Water.

With its' flat back and cranked rocker arm, this pump has been designed to be mounted directly against a vertical surface, however, with the addition of the mounting bracket, it can be base mounted.



1" Spiral Reinforced PVC hose, D1136, please click here.

Nitrile service kit, S1997, please click here.

Mounting bracket, A2032, please click here.



Compact Design
Rugged Construction
Choice of Mounting
Tech Specs

Tech Specs:

Capacity 45 Ltrs/min
Lift 4.5 m
Head 4.5 m
Connections hosetail ports for 1" (25mm) hose I/D
Body Material Aluminium
Fixing Material Bright Zinc Plated
Diaphragm/Seal Material Nitrile
Weight 2.1

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