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DD70C Bowser Diesel Pump A2018D - in stock

DD70C Bowser Diesel Pump A2018D - in stock

Part No:A2018D

  •  DD70C Bowser Diesel Pump A2018D - in stock

The DD70 double diaphragm transfer pump has been designed for long term, reliable use. It is one of our larger capacity pumps, featuring cast aluminium components and a stainless steel handle. The pump has an excellent flow design rating of 70 lpm and will pass solids of up to 19mm.

The versatile DD70 pump is suitable for a wide range of applications such as fuel transfer. With its cranked rocker arm, it is a firm favourite of Bunded Bowser manufacturers.

This model is fitted with Higher Aceto Nitrile diaphragms specifically designed for pumping Diesel.

Usually the pump is mounted on a wall, floor, bulkhead, etc, but by using an optional accessory - a cast aluminium baseplate, the pump becomes fully portable, needing no further securing to allow convenient, efficient operation.


Service Kit for Diesel, S1975D, please click here

Purpose built aluminium baseplate complete with fixings, A2004, please click here.

Replacement 15" handle, S1507, please click here.



Good Capacity
Rugged Construction
Suitable for Diesel, Oil or Water
Tech Specs

Tech Specs:

Capacity 70 LTRS/MIN
Lift 6 m
Head 4.5 m
Connections hosetail ports for 1" (25mm) hose I/D
Body Material LM6 Aluminium
Fixing Material Bright Zinc Plated
Diaphragm/Seal Material Higher Aceto Nitrile / Hydrogenated Nitrile / HNBR
Weight 3

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