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Utility Bailer Pump - A2107 - in stock

Utility Bailer Pump - A2107 - in stock

Part No:A2107

  • Utility Bailer Pump - A2107 - in stock

 This tough, lightweight, incredibly simple pump is ideal for a variety of uses.

In its utility form it is perfect for emptying spaces such as inspection chambers. The short inlet hose and longer discharge hose make this a useful and economical transfer pump. The hose can be fitted on either or both the inlet and outlet.

Complete with ½ m hose on the Inlet and 1 ½ m on the outlet.


Tech Specs:

Capacity 3/4 ltrs per stroke.
Lift 2m
Head 2m
Connections for 1 1/4" (32mm) hose
Body Material uPVC
Fixing Material n/a
Diaphragm/Seal Material Nitrile
Weight 1.1

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