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Bailer Pump landscape, Gardens allotments a2073 gs

Bailer Pump landscape, Gardens allotments a2073 gs

Part No:A2073 GS

 This incredibly versatile hand operated bailer pump can be used for a variety of applications.  It is an easy way to bail out your boat but can also be used in and around the house and garden for transferring water.

This version does not include hose - you can buy this by the metre in whatever length is required, please click here - and you can fit hose to either inlet or outlet (or both) to best suit your pumping position.

 The pump is made from uPVC with Nitrile seals and is suitable for pumping water with suspended solids like sand, bilge water and diesel (must not be used for petrol).



Tech Specs:

Capacity 45 ltrs/min
Lift 2m
Head 2m
Connections 45 ltrs/min
Body Material uPVC with ABS fittings
Fixing Material n/a
Diaphragm/Seal Material Nitrile
Weight 1.1

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