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Latrine Pump for Aid Agencies

Latrine Pump for Aid Agencies

Part No:A2041 AE

Our Double Diaphragm – DD 120 Multi Purpose Pumps are the flagship product of a faultless quality hand pump range. They deliver significant amounts of water through utilising high efficiency diaphragms incorporating suction and discharge ports for ease of maintenance. Our standard DD 120 model has been extensively utilized over 50 years in a wide range of temperatures and climates, from Afghanistan to Aylesbury and for a variety of purposes. Our Pumps are used by councils in the UK to dewater properties and land which has suffered flooding. The Pump has been used by the MOD as a latrine Pump dating back to the Falklands conflict.

Upon first viewing our Pump Aid Agency engineers at were intrigued by its simplicity and adaptability. An example of this is our DD 120 marine model which is used as a bilge pump in the trawler and yachting sector. Our Marine  Pump version was recently selected by Yachting Monthly as “the bilge Pump to keep you alive if your boat were to spring a leak”.

Because of the amount of water that the Pump delivers Oxfam engineers realized that it could be used as a latrine Pump or a dewatering pump when flooding has occurred to areas which are without electricity, or for other requirements such as fuel transfer (with alternative diaphragm provision). The Pump requires no electricity to power it, just a foot on a base plate with our Pump attached.



Tech Specs:

Capacity 135 Litrs Per Minutes
Lift 6
Head 6
Connections N/A
Body Material Aluminium
Fixing Material Aluminium
Diaphragm/Seal Material Nitrile
Weight 12

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