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DD70A Pump A2016 - in stock

DD70A Pump A2016 - in stock

Part No:A2016

  • DD70A   Pump A2016 - in stock


This double diaphragm bilge pump ensures maximum efficiency and security. It has an excellent capacity and its' robust construction ensures years of reliable service. The pumping chamber can be accessed quickly and easily via handwheels, no tools are required.

The DD70A uses 25mm hose, which makes it compact and very easy to install. In addition, the handle socket (rocker arm) is cranked so that the pump can be mounted against a bulkhead.

The pump body is made from chromated and epoxy coated aluminium. All fastenings and 15” handle are made from stainless steel. Fully water, Urine and seawater resistant. Nitrile diaphragms are fitted as standard.

Tech Specs:

Capacity 70 ltrs/min
Lift 6
Head 4.5
Connections 1" hosetail
Body Material Epoxy coated aluminium
Fixing Material Stainless steel
Diaphragm/Seal Material Nitrile
Weight 3

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