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Patay DD120 C Hand Pump A2003 - In Stock

Patay DD120 C Hand Pump A2003 - In Stock

Part No:A2003

  • Patay DD120 C  Hand Pump A2003 - In Stock

The flagship product of the globally renowned Patay pump range. This workhorse has an excellent capacity of 135ltrs/min and has found a home in industries and occupations as diverse as the Ministry of Defence, construction, shipping, agriculture, fire departments and petrol forecourts.


This model made from Aluminium and has Bright Zinc Plated fastenings.  Nitrile (Buna) diaphragms are fitted as standard and the pump has an 18" stainless steel handle. Can be used with water, oils, deisel etc.

The pump uses 1 1/2" hose - spiral reinforced hose must be used on the suction side and is often used for the delivery side also.  Alternatively layflat hose may be used on the delivery side instead, which is ideally suited when longer lengths are required as the hose can be rolled flat when not in use.

The purpose built aluminium baseplate may be purchased separately which enables the pump to become a portable unit.

Please note this model is fitted with our standard material diaphragms, i.e. Nitrile (otherwise referred as as Buna-N or NBR).  This is suitable for duties such as pumping water, diesel, oils, etc.  Other elastomers are available - please contact us for details if you are unsure.


Easy to Use
Robust Aluminium construction
Excellent Capacity, 135 ltrs/min
Tech Specs

Tech Specs:

Capacity 135 ltrs/min
Lift 6m
Head 6m
Connections 1 1/2" hosetail
Body Material Aluminium
Fixing Material Bright Zinc Plated
Diaphragm/Seal Material Nitrile (Buna-N) / NBR
Weight 4.5

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