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Pump International is a hand pump manufacturer established in 1964 with the Patay brand. We have our own foundry, plastic injection moulding shop and machining facility. We have an international reputation for quality designed pumps which give good service, with agents in many countries including Russia and Australia. Pump International supply the industrial, service industries and marine markets with pumps for de-watering; fuel, oil or chemical transfer, pressure test and bilge pumps. Disaster relief is the latest market we are pioneering with pumps to provide safe drinking water and to remove sewage. We design and manufacture pumps for special purposes, most recently for treating intestinal problems in cattle. Our company is committed to quality with ISO 9001 accreditation.

  • De-Watering

    Our portable hand pumps for site drainage are designed with a purpose built base plate to carry pump with hose. The pumps are of robust construction in aluminium with a good capacity at 135 litres per minute. They are used for site drainage, manhole clearance, removal of water from diesel tanks on garage forecourts and many other purposes. We also supply pumps for permanent installation.

  • Fuel/Oil Transfer

    We offer our own design of diaphragm pumps and a range of rotary and semi rotary pumps. The DD70 and SD45 range are a compact design for fixed installation on a bunded fuel tank or bowser. The pumps are of robust construction in aluminium with a good capacity at 70 litres or 45 litres per minute. For transferring fuel from a 200 litre drum the BE45E is a diaphragm pump made in aluminium or we offer the Rotary Barrel pump in cast iron. The small sump piston pump is custom made for removing oil from the sump of marine or generator engines and we pride ourselves on supplying many of the main manufacturers.

  • Chemical Transfer

    Our range of hand operated pumps for fixed installation with polypropylene, P.T.F.E. or stainless steel bodies are designed to handle a wide range of liquids. For transferring chemicals in a drum the Challenger pump is designed for this purpose made of polypropylene with no metal parts in contact with the liquid. Please refer to our chemical compatibility guide for the right pump.

  • Marine Leisure-Craft

    The Patay range of marine pumps and accessories has a worldwide reputation for performance and reliability for use in leisure-craft and work boats. D.T.I. Approval for lifeboats and fire fighting confirms the quality and performance of this range.

  • Disaster Relief - Water Purification

    Our pumps are used to provide safe drinking water and sewage solutions. Save the Children recently reported that it had deployed our Drinking Water Filter Pump to 45,000 people in the Horn of Africa. Oxfam and World Water Works have deployed our virus and bacteria removing Reverse Osmosis water filter hand pumps. Current new developments include solar powered desalination community kits. For sewage removal Oxfam and Save the Children use the DD120B Site Pump.

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