Pump International ltd.

The Online Pumpshop has moved

The Online Pumpshop has been relocated as part of the brand new Pump International Ltd website which has recently been launched over at www.pumpinternational.com

Pump International New Website Preview The Online Pumpshop at PumpInternational.com

Pump International Ltd have operated the Online Pumpshop since it's development some years ago and we continue to be providers of bespoke engineering pump solutions delivering Safe Drinking Water and Sewage removal Solutions in developing countries or where a flood or emergency situation has occurred.

You can still find the same great selection of pumps, filters and pump accessories at the new Online Pumpshop as well as vast range of pumps for all applications including Industrial Pumps, Marine Pumps, Patay Hand Pumps, Industrial Hand Pumps, Marine Bilge Pumps, Pressure Test Pumps, Military Specification Pumps, Semi Rotary Pumps, Chemical Hand Pumps, Garden Cast Iron Pumps, and Pond Pumps

If you have any queries or technical difficulties please call 44 (0)1209 831 937 or email us at - sales@pumpinternational.com