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Hand Rotary Barrel Pump - for Fuel Oils E2290

Hand Rotary Barrel Pump - for Fuel Oils E2290

Part No:E2290

  • Hand  Rotary Barrel Pump - for Fuel Oils E2290

This heavy duty hand operated rotary barrel pump is of cast iron construction and is a very popular low-cost industry-standard workshop drum pump.

It is ideal for dispensing fuel oils, lubricating oil, non-corrosive liquids and adhesives from barrels, tanks and oil drums.

Designed to fit most standard 205 litre drums (and also 15, 30 and 55 US gallon drums), the pump is supplied as illustrated, complete with a three-part 1 metre 25mm Ø (1” Ø )OD suction tube set, dispensing spout and an adjustable 2” barrel connector.  The suction tube and dispensing spout are made from zinc plated mild steel.

A filter is located at the base of the drum suction tube to prevent grit and dirt entering the pump and causing damage.

Self-priming, this economical pump quickly and easily dispenses fuel oil, lubricating oil and other non-corrosive liquids and adhesives from barrel, tanks and oil drums.

Note: Not suitable for Water.

Robust, cast iron construction
Easy rotary action
Ideal for Fuel Oils
Tech Specs

Tech Specs:

Capacity 20 ltrs/min
Lift 1m
Head N/A
Connections delivery spout accepts 1" hose
Body Material Cast Iron
Fixing Material N/A
Diaphragm/Seal Material NBR
Weight 4.5