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AdBlue Diesel Transfer Pumps
AdBlue Hand Pump - A2020/AdB in stock

AdBlue Hand Pump - A2020/AdB in stock

Part No:A2020/AdB


Given the negative publicity regards diesel engines, many of the leading car manufacturers have introduced a new technology known as ‘selective catalytic reduction’ (SCR).  This enables diesel engines to be brought up to the Euro 6 standard.


When using our pump for AdBlue transfer, the plastic and stainless steel will not cause any issues.  Made from tough polypropylene, with all stainless steel fixings and handle, this pump is fitted with a Viton diaphragm and seals.


Selecting a poor quality pump with materials which are not compatible with AdBlue may result in contact with copper, zinc and aluminium which should be avoided at all costs. This may ultimately result in AdBlue having a slow, corrosive effect upon these elements, the result of which will damage the catalyst in your car.  It is essential to prevent contamination of AdBlue, as SCR catalyst systems are extremely sensitive to impurities.


Technical Specifications and Dimensions:


Capacity: Up to 80ltrs per min.

Connections: 1” (25mm) ir 1 ½” (38mm) Hose.

Head: 4.5m

Lift: 6m

Weight: 1kg (Packed)

Dimensions: 180mm W x 200mm D x 120mm H.


How does the SCR Work.

The SCR system uses a solution of urea and water (AdBlue).  This is a non-toxic, colourless liquid. A microscopic quantity of AdBlue is injected into the flow of exhaust gases.  When the AdBlue combines with the exhaust emissions, it produces nitrogen and oxygen, harmless gases which  occur naturally in the environment.  It achieves this by breaking down the mono-nitrogen oxides (gases that can be harmful and are found particularly in the fumes from diesel exhausts).



Tech Specs:

Capacity Up to 80ltrs per min.
Lift 6m
Head 4.5m
Connections 1” (25mm) ir 1 ½” (38mm) Hose.
Body Material plastic and stainless steel
Fixing Material tough polypropylene, with all stainless steel fittings
Diaphragm/Seal Material Viton diaphragm and seals.
Weight 1kg (Packed)